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To Celebrate 50.000 Satisfied Customers , Enjoy 50% + OFF for the next 24 Hours!

3 Tips For Keeping Track Of Your Walking Cane

No person is immune to forgetfulness, but when you forget something as crucial to your mobility as your cane, it can lead to major challenges. Canes are the most widely used mobility devices in the United States, with about 4.8 million Americans and 70% of mobility device users walking with them.

Despite this widespread use of canes, they are often left behind and replacing them can get costly and tiresome. Use these tips for keeping track of your cane and avoid the hassle of constantly replacing it.

Use A Bluetooth Tracker

 Bluetooth seems to be in every device these days, so why not your cane? There are many different styles of Bluetooth trackers and some have features beyond simple tracking. With a tracker on your cane, you'll be able to find its locations from the main unit or your smartphone.

This feature is especially helpful if you were recently at many different locations don't remember where exactly you left your cane. It can also be helpful for those who set their walking cane down somewhere in the house, but can't remember the exact spot. Advanced styles of trackers can even alert you if you're leaving your cane behind.

Engrave Your Cane

Have your cane engraved with your phone number, address, or email and anyone who finds it will know how to return it to you. There are plenty of kind and honest people in the world who would be pleased to see a method of returning your cane to you when they find it.

Add A Wrist Strap

 A simple solution to always keep your cane with you is to add a wrist strap to the handle. Whenever you use your cane, just place your hand inside the strap and leave it there so that the strap sits loosely around your wrist. You'll want to make sure that the strap is comfortable and that it doesn't affect the way you grip your cane.  

Canes are easy to lose, but hard to live without. Try out these tricks to keep your cane by your side at all times.