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To Celebrate 50.000 Satisfied Customers , Enjoy 50% + OFF for the next 24 Hours!
OUOSVAVV 3-Ply Protective Masks (Disposable)

** CE Certificate **

OUOSVAVV 3-Ply Protective Masks (Disposable)

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Let’s prepare and limit the spread of germs to stop transmitting respiratory diseases such as novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Stop pandemics like COVID-19 or SARS from spreading.

Use OUOSVAVV Protective Masks (Disposable) that comply with health, environmental, and safety protection standards and save you from deadly respiratory disease.

We release tiny droplets into the air whenever we talk, cough, or sneeze, which can infect others. Someone suffering from any sort of illness should wear these 3-ply high-quality premium masks to reduce the germs released in air with droplets. Most respiratory diseases are transmitted through air and these masks protect others from catching these diseases.

OUOSVAVV Protective Masks (Disposable) come with CE marking to ensure premium quality protection standards. This mask also saves wearers from sprays or splashes of body fluids from other people suffering from illness. People of all age groups can use it while performing day-to-day activities at their homes or workplaces. These are ideal for doctors, surgeons, dental assistants, dentists, nurses, contractors, plumbers, landscapers, and many more. 

Why OUOSVAVV Protective Masks?

  • Filters Bacteria, Dust, Smoke & Pollen
  • 3-Layer Surgical Grade
  • Easy to Breathe Through
  • Trustworthy Quality and Health Expertise
  • Intended Use: To protect from respiratory diseases while performing daily activities
  • Non-Irritating, Soft & Odorless 
  • Fiberglass Free
  • Helps Protect Against Fluid
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Fitting Instructions:

  • Place one end of the mask under the chin
  • Pull the ear bands and position them around the ear for the best fit while covering your mouth and nose with the OUOSVAVV Protective mask.
  • Single use, disposable masks. Discard the mask once it gets wet with body fluids.


These masks are intended for infection control practices as, if worn properly, they reduce the potential of contracting any infection or disease. However, it does not entirely eliminate the risk of disease transmission as the wearer also has to follow some precautionary measures.

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